May 8, 2014
DUMAC celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

With an event celebrated in the Rivera Maya at the Occidental Grand Xcaret hotel, DUMAC Directive Board, partners from México, United States and Canada, as well as Ducks Unlimited Inc. directors and board members, and Ducks Unlimited Canada celebrated their 40 years of uninterrupted work in favor of wetland and natural resources preservation and management in México.

As part of this celebration, the first Board Meeting for 2014 was carried out presenting 2013 the financial statements, framing the most important achievements obtained during the year, and the 2014 annual investment was approved.

Ducks Unlimited de México, started its operations in Monterrey on March 1974 and during its first 40 years of work, it has been positioned as one of the most important organizations in wetland preservation in México, having finished 245 projects, totaling 778,302 hectares of preserved or restored wetlands, with presence in all the states in México and 22 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, through its training programs for professionals.

In this period, DUMAC has been able to develop the first wetland inventory and classification in México using state-of-the-art technology. In the past, the best existing literature mentioned that our country had 3.3 million hectares of wetlands, out of which 1.5 million hectares were coastal wetlands and 1.8 million hectares were continental wetlands But with the information that DUMAC has generated which covers almost all the country, it has been determined that reality is different, and our country has a coverage of more than 9 million hectares of coastal and internal wetlands. This information represents a very important data since, based on this, better criteria will be established to govern the preservation of these important ecosystems. As additional information to the extension of wetlands in our country, also the extension of other highly relevant ecosystems has been determined, due to the relevance of the environmental services they provide to society which are an important part of the coastal landscape in México which corresponds to the mangrove forest.

DUMAC, aware of the need of having a better environmental education in the country, during the latest years developed a program titled: Training the Trainers. This program has the main purpose of training elementary and secondary school teachers in environmental education techniques, so they can be included in their formal education programs. In the latest years, with this program, DUMAC has trained 3,910 basic education, secondary, high school and technical school teachers, and more than 85,000 children, with the vision of generating attitude changes which motivate a better understanding and engagement with the environmental problems affecting natural resources in each one of the regions of the country.

Welcome Dinner to DUMAC 40th Anniversary celebration event in Riviera Maya.
DUMAC has been very interested in establishing a Public Policy program to efficiently impact the decision making affecting wetland preservation in México, and to this end, it is currently member of work groups serving as advisors in Federal Government having generated National Strategies for management and preservation of water and beach fowl which are being considered as public policy instruments in supporting preservation of wetland ecosystems, as well as the different migratory as well as resident fowl. Likewise, DUMAC has a seat in the Protected Natural Areas Council in México and has other representations such as being member of the North American Plan for Water Fowl Management and Preservation in México. Through these activities, DUMAC potentiates its participation in the decisions deciding the future of natural resources preservation in our country.

As a corollary to this 40th anniversary celebration, a Gala Dinner was carried out with an open auction where different items and trips were available for the attendants, in order to raise funds which support the activities of the organization during the current year.

As part of the event, the DUMAC Directive Board, through its President, Mr. Rogers Hoyt Jr., awarded a recognition to DUMAC National Executive Director and CEO, Biol. Eduardo Carrera González for his 30 years of service to the organization and for his great leadership which has been fundamental in achieving great success in preservation and restoration of important wetland areas along the country in the 15 years he has served as National Executive Director and CEO at DUMAC, and as board member with national and international authorities in management of water fowl, which has led DUMAC to position itself as the key wetland and waterfowl preservation organization in México and Latin America.

Great party among associates, directive board members, DUMAC personnel and many achievements to celebrate was the atmosphere motivating and prevailing in this great 40th anniversary celebration of DUMAC, mainly with a vision toward 40 years to come!  
We want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank all our volunteers, associates and sponsors for your continuous support, since all of you have made the current successes achieved and the ones to come possible.

We invite you to continue celebrating our 40th Anniversary and joined this crusade for natural resources preservation in México!

Rogers Hoyt Jr., Chairman of the Directive Board of DUMAC awarding the recognition to Biol. Eduardo Carrera, National Executive Director and CEO at DUMAC.

the DUMAC Directive Board

A Gala Dinner was carried out with an open auction where different items and trips were available for the attendants, in order to raise funds which support the activities of the organization during the current year.

Key achievements in the latest 15 years

Hectares preserved


Hectares of inventoried and classified wetlands

9 millon

Hectares of restored mangroves


Professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean trained in RESERVA course


Teachers trained in Environmental Education


Children trained in Environmental Education


Technicians trained in management and preservation techniques for waterfowl and wetlands


Professionals trained in mangrove restoration


Professionals trained in wetland management 


Agricultural producers trained in environmental low impact techniques.


Cattle producers trained in environmental low impact techniques.




Support initiatives in the three Government areas


Agreements in México


Agreements with other countries


Location of some of the projects carried out by DUMAC




Programa Internacional para el Reporte de Anillos RESERVA Curso de Capacitación John E. Walker Society