September 11, 2013
Session 38th of RESERVA Training Course starts
At Celestún, Yucatán in September 11, 2013, at the "John E. Walker" Natural Resources Research and Training Center with the presence of Biologist José Salvador Canul Dzul from the State Delegation of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), biologist José Roberto Alonso Agüero from the Urban Development and Environment Secretariat (SEDUMA) René Kantún Palma director of Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve, Mr. José de la Gala, director of the Flora and Fauna Protected Area at Yum Balam and biologist Eduardo Carrera, National Executive Director of Ducks Unlimited de México, A. C. (DUMAC); the opening event of Session 38 of The Seminar on Natural Resources Management was carried out. Likewise, the following Seminar instructors attended the ceremony; Javier Sosa Escalante, director of the Center for Sustainability Management (CEGES), Marcia Lederman from Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Juan Chablé Santos from Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY).
This session will have the participation of twenty instructors who will be developing more than twelve topics related to natural resources management where they try to train staff currently working in institutions dedicated to the environment. With this, DUMAC continues with its RESERVA training program which has improved professionals' skills in natural resources managers in Latin America and the Caribbean during 24 years, providing them current tools for decision making in their work areas.

In this ceremony, the guests highlighted that this kind of events benefit the training of human resources in topics related to environmental management, discipline that requires multi-skilled and multi-institutional work. During the opening event, there were 16 participants for this Seminar representing nine institutions from ten countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. These institutions represent the government sector, as well as the civil sector in the ten countries in this edition. These characteristics in the creation of the groups representing each one of the editions of the RESERVA program, is what enriches the discussions, providing different experiences and points of view during the development of the topics, being this one of the main strengths in this Seminar.

Participants of the Session 38 of the RESERVA Course. Back: Mirtha Ruiz (Paraguay), Leonardo Castro (Chile), David Ramos (El Salvador), Diana Martínez (Mexico), Daniel Pérez (Mexico), Lourdes Parra (Mexico), Roberto Pereyra (Argentina), Jimmi Nuñez (Dominican Republic) and Yeral Segura (Dominican Republic). Front: Javier Angulo (Mexico), José Rojas (Costa Rica), Savana de Freitas (Brazil), Alessandra Lobo (Bolivia), Gabriel Ramos (Mexico), Edgar Castro (Colombia) and Eduardo Mosqueda (Mexico). *Images. Kika Gouvea.

List of Participants and organizations representing Session 38

Participant Organization Country

Leonardo Castro

National Forestry Corporation (CONAF)


Alessandra Lobo Peredo

Foundation for the Preservation of Chiquitano Forest


Daniel Pérez Hernández

National Commission of  Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) APFF Láguna de Términos


Roberto Pereyra Lobos

Direction of Natural Renewable Resources at Mendoza Government


Gabriel Ramos Olivera

National Commission of  Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) PN Laguna de Chacahua


David Ramos Barahona

Pro Economic, Social and Environmental Development Association from El Salvador (PRODESAM)

El Salvador

José Rojas Ugalde

National System for Preservation Areas

Costa Rica

Javier Angulo Morales

National Commission of  Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) APFF Láguna de Términos


Edgar Castro Aguilera

Natural National Parks


Yeral Segura Alcántara

Environment Ministry (MINAMB)

República Dominicana

Eduardo Mosqueda Sánchez

Institute for Environmental Rights, A.C.


Mirtha Ruíz Díaz Sosa

Guyra Association Paraguay


Diana Martínez González

National Commission of  Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) National Park Coral Reefs in Cozumel


Savana de Freitas Nunes

State Institute for the Environment and Water Resources of Espírito Santo (IEMA)


Jimmi Nuñez Castillo

Environment Ministry (MINAMB)

República Dominicana

Lourdes Lizzouli Parra López

Ayotzintli, A.C.





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